5 Tell Tale Signs I Was Preggers

Every child begins the world again. 
 Henry David Thoreau

In hindsight, I totally should've just known I was preggers. Everything made so much sense once that pregnancy test uncovered that second line. The truth is, I always assumed that getting pregnant would be something that wouldn't come easily for me. I'm not sure why. I have no data or evidence to back it up. I just kind of figured. Derek felt the same way. We just had this inclination that we would have to try for a while. But God had different plans.

Here are five things that should've given away my new status before the test ever did.

5. I was so moody.

Now, now. I'm certain my loving fiance will tell you that I am always moody. But I was the kind of moody that you can step outside of yourself and notice. Like I was snapping and then, in my head, going, "Damn, you're bitchy today." The bitchiness would fade in 0.2 seconds and I'd be happy again. It was tres strange and abnormal for just typical PMS stuff, ydig?

4. My period (and her friends) was late.

You thought this was gonna be No. 1 didn't ya? Ha. I have a normal, regular period. I haven't been on birth control since January of 2018 and my period has come like clockwork every 28th day of the cycle, since. In the months leading up to my period I was trying to get more in tune with my body to maybe be able to notice was ovulation felt like. During that time I became very aware of different nuances my specific body has leading up to my period. The cramps I got about a week before it came. My tender breasts during that same time. Headaches and some spotting a day or two prior, etc. However, when I was pregnant, none of the normal symptoms were appearing. At least, not in their normal sequence.

3. I began taking a prenatal multivitamin.

So, I told you how I was trying to get more in-tune with my body and understand her rhythm for my cycle and all of that? In that process, I began taking a prenatal multivitamin every night. I ordered gummies from Amazon so, to be honest, I popped those bad boys like candy before bed. I had read a few articles about how they were good for you even if you weren't pregnant, and, considering I'm probably the most unhealthy human on the planet, I thought it was a mature thing to do. Now, Derek likes to blame "those damn gummies," for our imminent bundle of joy. 

2. I felt off.

It was unexplainable. I've had pregnancy scares before. In hindsight, I wish I would've just trusted my instincts and leaned into what I was feeling, but in the weeks leading up to the positive test, I was really just convincing myself to not get my hopes up. I was constantly telling myself that this was a fluke, that I wasn't pregnant, and that pregnancy was something that wasn't even a guarantee for me. But in my heart of hearts, I knew. I felt off. Weird. Unlike myself. As hippie-dippie as that may sound to you-- it's true.

1. My boobs were SO sore.

I told you tender breasts were always apart of the pre-menstrual party at my place. That's true. But oh my Lord were my boobs unGODly sore. I remember sitting at work and just noticing the weight of them. (And I do NOT have big boobs, at all. 32Bs. I forget about them all the time.) They ached and were swollen and eventually, my nipples became sensitive to the touch as well. In fact, when I went to my bestie Shelbie for "am I pregnant?" advice, and told her about my boobs, she immediately said, "Oh shoot. Yeah you pregnant, girl." Ha! She was so right.


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